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Prefabricated square column forms for concrete construction. Rectangular Column Forms is a wood based formwork for rectangular column, prefabricated panels with adjustable clamps. Quick installation, no need tie-rod.

Prefabricated Column Formwork (Square & Rectangle Column) is a pre-made formwork from the factory. The purpose of this product is to reduce the workload and time on the construction site. With this product, the construction workers do not need to do any cutting or measurement in order to make the formwork. He / she can use the ready use formwork directly on site and fix it with clamps then pour the concrete inside the formwork. It is the fastest way to assembly and yet it gives a mirror surface to the concrete finish, thanks to the PP Plastic Plywood Sheets.

Exclusive discount slot design, The unique discount slot design of the column form solves the problem of running slurry and slurry leakage, which makes the demoulding of the concrete fast and beautiful, and at the same time has a stable reinforcement effect.

Customized production according to requirements, solve the problem of installation of variable diameter square cylinder.

Square & Rectangular Concrete Column Forms

No need tie rod, easy handling, quick installation, mirror concrete finish, save labor cost a lot.

PP Plastic coated plywood

It's with PP plastic coating inside, higly water proof, Forming nice concrete finish like mirror.

LVL beam

It's with red phenolic film outside and 40x50mm LVL beam. The PP plastic film is for choice, too.


Quick, Ready to use on site , no need tie-rod

Re-usable, Form panel can repeat 50 times or more, clamps long-life span

Architectural concrete, Fare faced concrete , accurate size

Variable, Can be cut or stack to be any height

Eco-Friendly, Less construction waste.


Column Panel material shurttering ply, thickness 15/18mm, size 200-3000mm
surface Plastic face, super waterproof, easy dismantle
edge Seamless joint
Glue Phenolic WBP
Beam Size 40x50mm
Structure LVL wood + nail
Surface Waterproof painting in yellow color
Column clamps size Adjustable , min.200-400mm, Max. 2500-3000mm
material Galvanized steel Q345B
Steel width 8.0#, 10.0#

Seamless joint
chamfer joint – optional

Size of Columns Size of LVL beams Thickness of panels Interval of fasteners Standard Column Height
300x300mm 40x50mm 15mm, 18mm 500mm 2440mm
400x400mm 40x50mm 15mm, 18mm 500mm 2440mm
500x500mm 40x50mm 15mm, 18mm 500mm 2440mm
550x550mm 40x50mm 15mm, 18mm 450mm 2440mm
600x600mm 40x50mm 15mm, 18mm 450mm 2440mm
700x700mm 40x50mm 15mm, 18mm 450mm 2440mm
800x800mm 40x50mm 15mm, 18mm 400mm 2440mm
900x900mm 40x50mm 15mm, 18mm 400mm 2440mm
Notes: customized size available.

Clamp size

Model Capable range of column width X Len (mm) Weight
Model2-4 200mm to 400mm / 8in~1.3ft 80 * 961 17.8KG
Model4-6 400mm to 600mm / 1.3ft~1.9ft 80 * 1161 21.6KG
Model5-8 500mm to 800mm / 1.6ft~2.6ft 80 * 1361 26.2KG
Model7-10 700mm to 1000mm / 2.2ft~3.2ft 100* 1647 51KG
Model9-12 900mm to 1200mm / 2.9ft~3.9ft 100* 1847 57.2KG
Model11-14 1100mm to 1400mm / 3.6ft~4.5ft 100* 2047 65KG
Model13-16 1300mm to 1600mm / 4.2ft~5.2ft 100* 2247+side bar 85.6KG
Model15-18 1500mm to 1800mm / 4.9ft~5.9ft 100* 2447+side bar 116KG
Model19-21 1900mm to 2100mm / 6.2ft~6.8ft 100* 2747+side bar 130KG
Model22-25 2200mm to 2500mm / 7.2ft~8.2ft 100* 3160+side bar 173KG
Model25-30 2500mm to 3000mm / 8.2ft~9.8ft 100* 3660+side bar 228KG
Remarks: Weight is based on 1 set, that’s 4 bar + 4 wedge pin

Comparison With Steel Formwork

Formwork Type Column Formwork Steel Column Formwork
Weight Light Less likely to need a crane Heavy Need a crane and more workers
Cutting Easy cutting Difficult cutting
Installation & Dismantling Two workers can install 15 columns in 8 hours. The ply panel will separate easily More workers and cranes
Concrete finish Nice concrete finish without re-work Obvious bubbles

Detailed Images

PP plastic plywood

The panels are made of PP plastic plywood, which can forming a mirror concrete surface.

Four pieces panels

Our pieces of panel make a column formwork install and dismantle quickly and easily.

Seamless join design

Two piece of panel can be joined seamlessly by slot at edge.

Long-short joint

One man required

Safe,fast and easy installation, one column takes 10-15mins to finish by one man.

Safe,fast, quick

It takes 10mins - 15mins to install one column with patented column clamp.


Ready to work: Square Column Forms, Column Clamps.

Assemble 4 panels into seamless joint , release agent is advisable for more time re-use.

Install the column clamps horizontally , from bottom to top.A panel or corner clamp can make the installation simply.

Long-short stack for higher column.

Support. Fix with the props or lumber to support the forms.

Unstall the column clamps from top to bottom. Dismantle the column panels. If big size, please with the help of rope to lift.


packed in pallets. Normally 25 pcs per pallet.

Test & Certificate

Testing items Unit Standard used Tested value
Bonding quality N/mm² EN314 0.72
Bonding strength Longitudingal grain N/mm² EN310 50.0
Cross grain N/mm² 40.2
Elasticity in bending Longitudinal grain N/mm² EN310 5137
Cross grain N/mm² 3519

Maintenance & Storage

Cleaning the form with water, place the panel flat, away from direct sunlight and water.

Project Testimony

Our Company

Square Circle Formwork is a innovative brand in the field of concrete formwork, we hold the patent of wood Circular column forms and rectangular column clamps. Now employees are up to 800 , 4 workshop, annual turnover is 60 million USD dollars, we help thousands jobsite & contractor to make the concrete more easily. Now we hope to show our products to oversea construction market, to make oversea projects quicker and less labour cost.

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